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Getting Busy

The studio has been incredibly busy, classes and workshops for certain BUT this years we are participating in several shows… the first one of the season will be Bloom Winter Market in Fort Langley. We Hope you can join us. this is one of our favourite events of the season…


Talisman Pendant….WIP (work in progress)



Well, I have been busy preparing our Fall and Winter Classes. So much to do! There is a great selection of classes coming up one shots, weekly, monthly and even full winter sessions…. my mind is spinning with so many ideas! Here is a little peek at one of the workshops that I am SUPER excited for… The Talisman Pendant. Paint and finishing touches need to be added but I love how the piece is progressing. It has transitioned so nicely from the drawing I did. looking forward to some more time in the studio with paint….but I am really looking forward to sharing studio time with you!IMG_3861 IMG_3850 IMG_3849photo 1

From collecting


And some of the fun developments.

Right down to the Aquamarine tear

The far right is a layout for an Resin piece
that is in the 2